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How Do You Write A Conclusion For An MLA Research Paper?

The research paper project can be lengthy and detailed. There are several steps that writers have to do in order to meet their instructors’ requirements. When the MLA paper is assigned, students have to format the paper perfectly, too. This can take more time than many students think, which often means that students neglect the conclusion. Instead of leaving out this vital section, you can write one quickly and easily.

The Introduction Reversed

The conclusion is written similarly to the introduction, but in reverse. While the introduction attempts to get the reader’s attention, the final paragraph serves to remind the reader of the important parts of the paper. This is done by organizing the last paragraph in this way:

  • The first sentence should restate the thesis. It is important that this sentence is not the sentence written in the same way. It should be completely rewritten, using synonyms. The meaning of the sentence should be the same, but the wording should be different.
  • The middle of the paragraph should include sentences that restate the main points. In most paragraphs, there should be at least three subpoints restated, but if the writing assignment is large, then there should be more restated topics.
  • The final sentence should leave the reader with thoughts about your argument and proof. This sentence can refer back to the hook you used. So, if you used a series of questions, then you should end either with a similar question or an answer to one of them. If you used a startling statement, then you should end with a thought that is equally thoughtful. If you used a quote, then you can end with a similar quote. This is the spot where you leave the reader thinking about your paper and all of the things you had to say.

Make the Paragraph Automatic

Nearly every final paragraph in any argumentative paper needs to have the same requirements. Once you understand how to format this paragraph, you can use the same formatting for every paper you write. This is the same for every introduction, too. Choosing a favorite style of hook makes writing an introduction nearly automatic. When you use that hook in the introduction, you can use the same ending for every paper, too. This will make this section automatic, too.

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