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Where Can I Find A Free Research Paper Checker?

You may have already noticed that the spelling AND grammar checker on your word processor should probably read a spelling checker that may catch one or two grammatical errors. The grammar section of this checker really doesn’t do much more than point out if you have forgotten to capitalize the word at the beginning of a sentence or if you have typed a word twice. It really doesn’t measure up.

You can edit the paper yourself but chances are you will still miss a few things. You should read your paper out loud. You will find that you can catch more errors this way. But because it is so important to make sure that you catch all of the errors so that you don’t lose points, you can find a checker online that will catch way more of your mistakes.


There are a few different checkers that you can find and download right online. They will catch a lot more of the common mistakes that writers make. They can identify when you are using the wrong punctuation. They can let you know more. You if your subject and verb agree. They can identify possessive noun agreements and much can use this in conjunction with the one used in your word processor and catch the majority of the mistakes.

Writing lab

If you take classes online, your school usually has a writing lab. This is a resource center for getting help with your writing assignments. You can find the help that you need here. There are usually options to submit your paper to an instant checker or to send it to another student who will look it over and send it back. If you go to a brick and mortar school, you can see that there is a writing lab there as well. They may give you access to an online library and an online writing resource lab as well. If not, you can go right to resource lab and get the help that you need.

You can get free help editing your paper. There are some automated resources that work a lot better than the one that is built in to your word processor. Check these two places to find the help that you need to make sure when you hand in your research paper it is free of mistakes.

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