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How to Write a Business Law Research Paper: Some Useful Ideas

Business law papers can be quite a unique challenge. When writing one yourself it is important that you:

  1. Avoid using complicated jargon. Even law students think that using overly complicated and large words is better than using a simpler term. It is not. Teachers will see right through that so avoid it at all costs.
  2. Do not skip on the editing process. Do not risk losing a full letter grade just because you didn’t take a day off and then return fresh in mind to review your paper. Just leave yourself a few extra days before it is due to proofread it.
  3. Make sure you have hooks in each major paragraph so that the reader can see how it relates to the paragraph above. In addition to that make sure you spell out how your arguments and evidence relate to and support your thesis. Many students know the conclusion or ties they have drawn between two items but they forget to spell it out for the reader. So the reader may in fact come to a different conclusion. Do not risk that and instead draw the connection visibly.
  4. Pick a topic that interests you. If you are interested in a political topic or one related to the legal system you can review the topic examples below and see if anything interests you:
    • What local issues does your mayor need to take responsibility for?
    • How can a budget surplus best be spent?
    • When would the use of military force be justified?
    • Is national security more important than business privacy?
    • Is it acceptable to spy on competition?
    • Do the rich get off easier when it comes to taxes?
    • Has HR taken things too far? Is the work place too politically correct to be efficient? Do companies waste time with frivolous law suits and the daily challenges with things they say and do toward one another?
    • Should government be trusted by businesses?
    • Is it irresponsible for politicians to threaten a government shutdown given the business consequences?
    • Do business leaders have moral obligations?
    • Should business leaders be outgoing to be effective?
    • Would armed guards on patrol make an office complex a safer place?
    • Should white collar crimes receive stricter punishments?
    • Should white collar criminals not receive bail?

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