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What Is A Career Research Paper And How To Write It Properly?

The basic idea for a career research paper is to choose a career or job, search for information about it, and present an overview of that information. Many students are assigned this kind of paper at the end of their time in high school or the beginning of their time in college, because those are times when students are thinking a lot about what kinds of careers they might like to have in their future. A lot of students will become attached to the idea of a career without really knowing much about the specifics of it. Writing a paper on the career can be a great opportunity to students to learn these specifics and gain a more realistic idea of whether the career would be a good fit for them.

Follow these simple tips to learn how to write an excellent career research paper:

  • Choose a career you’re interested in
  • The first step to writing a good career paper is to choose the career that you’d like to focus on. It is important to choose a topic that is a good balance of specific and broad so that you will be able to find information for it. For example, writing a paper on a career like engineering is too broad, because there are hundreds of different kinds of engineers that can be very different from each other. You also don’t want to be too specific, like engineers who build bridges, because it will be hard to find good information about it. Instead try to pick a middle of the road career, like civil engineer.

  • Search for a range of information about that career
  • The idea of a career paper is to give a comprehensive overview of the career. This should include: what schooling you will need to complete to be employed as it, how competitive it is to find a job as it, if it requires any special certifications or licenses, what is the average income for it, what kind of companies or organizations can one work for with it, and what is a typical day like working in it.

  • Present the information in a well organized manner
  • This kind of paper can involve a lot of different information, so it is helpful to organize your paper well to present the information in a way that is methodical and makes sense.

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