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How To Find Amazing Research Paper Topics In Computer Science

Writing a research paper is the final step that has to be done to complete your thesis/ dissertation. Usually, it so happens that the topics for such projects are finalized by you and your mentor. But before finalizing it, you will have to do some homework. You will have to first decide which area you want to carry out your research, based on your area of major and interest. Then find the papers already published that are related to your ideas, following which you will have to decide if you want to make extension to the existing work or you want to take your work to a whole new level.

Now to finding amazing research paper topics, the best way would be to get guidance from your mentor, or else you can always rely on our friend Google.

You also can make use of the site named Mendeley. It is a free site for students as well as researchers, where you can access many articles based on your preference. You can access them from anywhere and through any platform (iOS, Windows, etc.) and devices (PC, desktop, Tab, etc.). Also, there are groups where you can find like-minded researchers. Or you can head to Communications of AMC (CACM). It has various sections like viewpoints, news, contributed and reviewed articles and technical highlights so that you can make the most of it. But the point that you need to remember here is that they collect some membership fee.

Or, if you find these sites not as attractive as you expected, you can always go to This is a great site where you can get answers to any of your questions. You will have to sign up first, and then you can key in your question or key terms in your question in the search box. If the question were previously asked by someone else, it would be available for you to read and get answers immediately. If not, you can post your question and people in the Quora community will answer it. There will be so many responses. Now you might start to have a feeling like, will the answers be reliable? Yes, of course, they will be because, as so many people respond to the questions there will be even more people reading those answers and they will up-vote the answers if they find it relevant and reliable. You can directly get the answers to your questions most of the times.

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