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Ideas For Your Research Paper Topics: Writing On The History Of Music

In the music field, it can be hard to think of topics for a research paper, especially for the person just taking a music history class to fill some electives. However, it is easier than you might think to come up with music history topics. You can start on Wikipedia and type in the name of the famous composer and just click on the links that look interesting within the article. In this article, we will take a look at this particular trick. These topics were found using the main article on Franz Schubert:

  1. Franz Schubert
  2. Romantic Era
  3. E. T. A. Hoffman
  4. Undine (opera)
  5. Roland Bader

From Franz Schubert To Romantic Music

Franz Schubert is a starting up point for this little journey through music history. He is an Austrian composer who is instrumental in the making of the Romantic era of music. Coincidentally, the Romantic era was the first link clicked on after looking through Franz Schubert's main Wikipedia article. The main title of the next article is Romantic Music. This article gives a general overview of the era.

From Romantic Music To Undine

Within the romantic music article, the name E. T. A. Hoffmann pops up. The name isn't familiar, but he is cited as the man who helped establish the principles that make up musical romanticism. A good research paper could be written on E. T. A. Hoffman. While looking at his article, there is not much to go on for musical terms and such, so the next link is Undine, an opera created by E. T. A. Hoffman. Within the opera's article, we find the name Roland Bader, a famous conductor who conducted Undine by the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra.

From Undine To Roland Bader

As far as music history goes, Roland Bader had a long career in conducting. A research paper could be written solely on his life and how it interacted with the Romantic Era. Every topic listed could result in a great research paper if you have the patience to look up information under each heading. While the last two are a little harder to search for, the ending result will be exactly what you need to get an excellent grade.

Wikipedia Idea Searching

In this article, we went from an Austrian composer to a German conductor going the long way. This simple tip can help you find the right topic you need to write your research paper. Of course, there are plenty of other links that could have been clicked on in each of the articles named above, you just need to get started. Some other ideas to start off with are Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Classical Era, and Contemporary Era. Keep in mind that not all the links that can be followed will be musical in nature, but other than that, happy topic hunting!

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