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Main Parts Of A Research Paper: Things To Remember

One of the main reasons teachers assign research papers to students is to get them accustomed to writing in a professional manner. Many students will go on to writing scholarly journal articles later in their academic careers or in an employment setting. Knowing how to create and put together the main parts of a research paper is a great skill to develop. To help you accomplish this, you can get online help here now.

Structure of your research paper

Most research papers have many components in common, no matter what field of studies you are writing your paper for. They are organized so that the information goes from general to specific and the conclusion takes it back to general again. The introduction is a general presentation of information. The body contains all the details or specifics, and ends with the general conclusion. The parts found in most research papers are as follows:

  • Title - this should be specific and tell what the research problem is.
  • Abstract - this is a quick review of the paper’s content.
  • Introduction – presents a broad, general view of the topic and gives only basics.
  • Methods – describes the research design and what methods were used to do the study. Provides enough detail to replicate the study.
  • Results – quantitative and qualitative results are presented. Keep it relevant and use graphs and tables where necessary.
  • Literature review – describe and document past research that shows importance and relevance to your research and topic.
  • Discussion – discuss your results. Give implications of them and tell what else still needs to be done.
  • Conclusion – summarize what you have included as contents in your paper and state findings and potential for more research in future.
  • References – properly cite all sources you used and include all in a properly formatted reference list.
  • Bibliography – format should match the same style used in the paper.

One of the most important things to remember is to meet all the requirements of your assignment. Your teacher may expect the same guidelines as other universities or they may give you their own set of requirements. Ensure all the guidelines are met in order to maximize your possibilities of obtaining a good grade on your paper. One final note to remember is that editing and proofreading are essential and shouldn’t be omitted. After the final draft is ready, go through it thoroughly in order to correct grammar and spelling mistakes.

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