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How to Pick Up Interesting Topics for Term Papers

You may already know from experience that it is much easier to write about topics that interest you. This is especially true for longer assignments, like term papers, which will take up several weeks of your time and count for a significant part of your grade. But how exactly does one pick an interesting topic that is both original and is likely to be well-received by an audience, especially when it seems as though so many topics have been repeated in a number of essays before? Here are a few tips you should consider when choosing a topic for your term paper:

Brainstorming Content You Are Already Familiar With

Many believe that the best way to start any writing project is to set down for a few minutes and brainstorm ideas. This is a particularly helpful exercise when you are working on a long project such as a term paper. Brainstorming is tremendously easy and doesn’t have much more than a single simple rule: write down all of your ideas and make connections between them. There are effective ways of keeping your brainstorming sessions organized, but all you really need to do is be willing to get creative and think outside the box.

Ask Yourself the Questions You Want Answered

Throughout your time in class you are bound to have half a dozen or so questions you would like to have answered before the end of the semester. These make for great opportunities to develop an interesting topic for your term paper. Don’t wait to find a summarized solution in your later readings; take charge of the situation and seek to find fully developed answers to the topics you find the most mysterious. Your curiosity is bound to shine through in your writing, improving your chances of captivating your audience.

Consider Controversial Topics of the Day

This might be a little easier to do in disciplines like politics or sociology, which deal heavily with current events that appear on the television or in the news just about every day. But it doesn’t mean your discipline is completely without topics that beg several questions and divide whole communities of academics. Take a look at some academic journals and consider the topics with clear disagreements. See if you can take a different viewpoint and add value to the discussion. Aligning yourself with one side is sure to draw attention from even the most uninvolved readers.

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