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How To Write A Forensic Science Research Paper: Tips And Topics

Before television was flooded with crime dramas spread throughout large metropolises where murders, rapes and kidnappings could be solved before the 11:00 p.m. news, forensic scientists have been hard at work in the laboratories and police precincts around the world. Students studying to become these scientists have been hard at work attempting to understand how to solve these crimes to bring justice to innocent victims and their families. A list of tips and topics to advance one’s thoughts for essays can come from a variety of sources such as:

  • Historical References
  • Popular Culture
  • Subdivision/Subordinate Studies
  • Famous Literature
  • Controversy

Historical References

People throughout history have always attempted to bring justice to those wrongly harmed, but through the ages of scientific advancement, humans have come to develop more accurate ways of proving people’s innocence or wrongdoing. Although certain groups have been disenfranchised from this help, such as African Americans, Irish, Native Americans, etc. society nows takes a more active role in helping everyone.

Without the development of fingerprints, toxicology reports, blood spatters markings or skid marks on roads; humans have come to develop forensics into more than just a he said/she said court case.

Popular Culture

The legal and science system have been heavily portrayed in literature, television, movies and video games. Thanks to the likes of television drama, students can look into topics of rape, murder, kidnapping, adultery, arson, burglary and others just from what they have seen or read on tv. This is a quick approach for a essay topic as a lot of these tv episodes are based on true stories.

Subdivision/Subordinate Studies

Forensic science can be broken into a multitude of subdivisions in order to fully paint the picture of what went wrong the night someone was murdered or raped. Archaeology can be used if the deceased has been missing for a very long time, biology can help with a DNA analysis, meteorology can be used to know if evidence was washed away due to a passing rainstorm, toxicology is used in determining if someone was poisoned; along with a plethora of other ways to repaint a crime scene for the investigators.

Famous Literature

Many victims’ accounts have been published in famous works of literature. Should a student want to write an essay based on a crime of the past, several books exist with gang warfare, mobsters and justice from the level headed lawyer. Although one may not think that literature can help them write a better forensic science paper, it can help set into motion the thought of how and why a crime took place should they ever be standing at the scene of a recent crime. Throughout history many murderers have tried to recreate famous killings and this is one way to be ahead of the game in solving the case.


Lots of controversy surrounds forensic science in the details mostly of it’s percentage of probable error. Famously in the past and still to this day, materials to convict someone magically disappear out of labs. Some states require extensive testing to work in a medical lab while others do not. The worst case being the lack of funds for a crime lab where the act took place, which leads to a longer turnover time of solving the case. Forensic science develops every day however and the road to a good research paper is easily capable with good intuition.

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