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Creating Strong Research Paper Questions: Ideas And Examples

We all know about various tactics, tricks, tips and style of writing a research paper. There’s a lot been written about various best ways to write an academic paper and how to present it. But, somewhere we don’t pay that much attention to writing, drafting or creating such special type of paper questions. It’s indeed a vital part of the whole procedure, right from conducting experiments to represent it in an impressive manner. In this article, we will focus on various ideas for creating an impactful research paper questions and will try to illustrate them with few examples. It is to be always remembered that a good, well studied, searched and well-defined thesis question is the base for a strong and impactful academic paper. The well one will refine his or her question, the more refined and strong will the thesis statement come out. An academic paper question acts as a guide and is focused around the core theme of one’s systematic, investigative activity. A systematic, investigative paper question should be well defined, well focused and has to be argumentative in nature. The questions should be loosely based or related to the core investigation topic assigned to you but must provide the researcher with a broader scope and spectrum of that subject and must be feasible challenged which can be answered by various experiments and findings. Now, let’s have a brief look on some knitty gritty of creating such strong questions.

Various ideas and examples for creating strong research paper questions:

  • The first step is to think deeply and thoroughly about the assigned topic and try to focus on things like “How”, “Where”, “What”, “Which”, “When” and most importantly “Why”. This will lead to formulating a quality good question. For example, why am I drinking water? The answer is I am Thirsty. If though in opposite way, how can I satisfy my thirst? The answer will be- by drinking water.
  • Steps of formulating a strong academic systematic investigation paper questions are as follows:
    1. Select an intriguing, interesting topic that by itself provides a wide range of scope for conducting systematic investigation activities.
    2. Think about the relevance of the selected topic against the general interest in that field.
    3. The topic must be persuasive and argumentative in nature in order to formulate questions.
    4. One has to be well aware of the feasibility of the topic selected for conducting academic investigation within the stipulated framework.
    5. It’s necessary to jot down relevant facts and figures, formulate measuring and experimental framework in case of the scientific topic to create strong questions.

All the above-mentioned ideas work jointly in creating a strong research paper questions.

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