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Literature Term Paper Ideas: 20 Original Questions To Discuss

Writing a term paper on literature is something every scholar will need to undertake if they have taken literature as a subject in their higher studies. But writing papers on literature may not bear much similarity to writing papers on some of the other subjects. The first major reason to this is that literary papers generally deal with analyzing, interpreting and drawing inferences from the work of another person.

What makes a literature term paper effective?

Aside the immense role of the novel or book who choose to write on, there is another entity that adds meaning to the literature term paper you write. It is the question you try to answer through the paper.

Here are some original questions that you may discuss in the paper.

1 What could have been the sole motivation of the author? 2 Why did the author include a particular seemingly less important character? 3 What is the strength of the relationship between the two leading characters? 4 How many times in the novel / story / drama, does the author himself become the narrator? 5 What could be the narrative tone of the literature from the viewpoint of a very important character? 6 How effectively does the author evolve his own writing through the piece? 7 Is proper justice meted out to the central theme of the book? 8 Does the book touch base on all required sub-topics? 9 How effectively are the sub-plots (if any) constructed around the main plot? 10 Which is the most remarkable character from all the sub-plots? 11 How would a lesser character react to circumstance if made the cynosure of the book? 12 Who should you trust more – the protagonists’ circumstances or his character? 13 Is the book another example of concurrent thoughts influencing a writer’s viewpoint? 14 Does the title do justice to the denouement of the book? 15 What could have been an alternative denouement for the book? 16 On how many instances does the protagonist do justice to the hype of his character? 17 How is the book different from other books of the time? 18 Can the author’s views be considered as above and beyond his times? 19 What could possibly be the one detrimental caveat in the book? 20 How is the book different from the last book by the author?

The value of the right questions

Questions make a term paper effective. Depending on the type of questions you ask, there can be a vast difference in the overall effectiveness of the literary term paper.

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