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How to Come Up with Unique Research Paper Topics

Crafting a unique research topic is never easy. However, the step-by-step guide below can assist your brainstorming process.

  • Start from the opposite.

    Check the type of your assignment. You may be required to produce a compare-and-contrast, cause-and-effect, or argumentative research paper. Think of stereotypical, most common topics for this kind of a paper. Write them as a list and put it away for a while.

  • Brainstorm.
  • Choose time and place where you will not be disturbed. Take a sheet of paper and write all ideas for research topics that come to your mind. Think of all possible things that can be researched. Do not reject any idea, however odd and strange it seems. Do not stop writing until you cover at least one sheet of paper with your ideas.

  • Evaluate.
  • Look at the ideas you wrote during the brainstorming session. Select a few ones that seem promising. If you like none of your ideas, you can try brainstorming again or proceed to the next stage.

  • Narrow down.
  • Take out the list of common topics you have composed at the first stage. Focus on each topic in turn. Think of any unusual, overlooked aspects that can be found in it. For example, abortion is a really overused topic. However, if you narrow it down to the question of whether embryos have or should have any human rights, explore the historical discussion on this issue in different countries, find out whether there are any bits of legislation where a human is considered a human from the moment of conception – you can produce a unique research paper.

  • Check for availability of sources.
  • This step is extremely important when choosing a unique research topic. For common topics, there are lots of credible and easily available sources. Meanwhile, if you focus on a rarely discussed issue, you can be hampered with the lack of material. Make sure that you can find enough sources for your paper. Otherwise, you may have to drop this topic, however much you like it, and pick another one from your list.

Examples of Original Research Paper Topics

  • Can humans ever have as strong and affectionate relationships with androids as they have with other humans?
  • Can genetically modified humans be 1,000 times as smart as an average person today?
  • Should there be educational qualification for voting?
  • Can the spread of domestic 3D printers become the death of most current industries and customer markets?
  • Do popular bloggers become role models for teens?

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