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What Are The Most Catchy Geology Research Paper Topics?

Catchy geology research paper topics are likely those that make people stop and think. You can create your own topic ideas based on what you are interested in. You can come up with ideas by brainstorming or reviewing what is trending in this field. To give an idea of what some consider is catchy for geology, you can find sample papers and review their topics. You can also review sample ideas posted below for further reference.

Topic Ideas to Consider:

  1. How did the study of the Earth and its properties come about? How important is the interior of the Earth to the existence of life that lives on it?
  2. How old are lakes surrounding the continent of Australia? What happened to some lakes that supposedly were extinct thousands of years ago?
  3. Why do earthquakes happen in certain parts of the world? How have previous earthquakes helped predict what will happen in the future?
  4. What happens when small islands like the Caribbean experience earthquakes or shifts in the earth’s crust (fault slippage)?
  5. How many properties do Mars and the Earth share? What are properties one planet has the other does not?
  6. Costly structural damage from some of the world’s most powerful natural disasters. This may include landslides, volcanos and sinkholes.
  7. Why does it seem like more sinkholes are occurring in different parts of the world? How do they form and can they be prevented?
  8. Where are some of the world’s oldest mountains located and what type of material are they made from?
  9. How does coastal erosion occur and what parts of the world may see this as a growing problem in the future?
  10. What are some of the most valuable rocks found in the Earth? Are some of them toxic and do they contribute to land formations such as volcanos, hills and stones?

How to Select Your Topic

Catchy topics for geology may come from trending or controversial topics in the news. You can think about natural disasters affecting lives of people around the world. There are events that happen that seem extremely weird, strange and scary. You can also consider discussing ideas with scientists or people that work directly in the field. There are events that happened in history people today are still researching because they think it will happen again but with more intensity.

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