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A List Of Powerful Biology Research Paper Topic Ideas For College

The subject that revolves around the study of living beings has lot many interesting topics to cater. Ranging from exploring living cells and discovering new fields of research leads to higher area of interest. The subject is endless and deals with lot many intriguing topics like alternative healing therapies, organ transplants, cancer in genes, cochlear implants, blood transfusion, organ transplantation, immune system, DNA, hormones and much more.

If you are looking for some more stimulating biology research topics for college students, check out the list-

  • What are the most nerve wrecking after effects of biological weapons? What is the other term used to deal with these bacteria, viruses and other biological agents?
  • What are the various forms of hereditary cancer? Talk about cancerous genes and the signs and symptoms of the patients. How genetic counseling can control such cancers through various types of genetic tests?
  • How bipolar disorder is accountable for mental illness? Why this condition of mood swing is considered to be serious.
  • Talk about the production of stem cell research in multi-cellular organisms. What is the role of progenitor cells in repair system?
  • What is evolutionary Biology? How new species are originated? Discuss the term in context of current research topic.
  • How DNA mutation is linked with the development of dreadful disease? Discuss the latest DNA technology that has assisted in reducing the chances of diseases?
  • What is cyber medicine? Discuss the science and art of treating and preventing this disease via online practitioners?
  • Discuss the various types of epidemics based on location? Which is the most threatening one considered s far? How these epidemic diseases were controlled?
  • When enteric nervous system or intrinsic nervous system came into emergence? Discuss the term in terms of structure and function the tissue lining of esophagus, stomach, small intestine and colon.
  • What are the various types of anthrax?
  • How bacterial growth takes place? What are the various kinds of dreadful diseases caused by it? Discuss it in terms of new facts and current researches?
  • What are the various components of consciousness science? Why it was being ignored since long although the topic is subjective?
  • Discuss the term in terms of biological perspective? Carry out various types of studies based on dreaming.
  • How alcohol adversely affects the biological system of an individual? What are its long term impacts?
  • How genetic engineering has brought a great revolution in the study of science?
  • Discuss the life cycle of women in respect of various stages of life right from birth till her death?

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