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5 Steps to Writing a Research Paper About Instructional Materials

If you know what steps to follow, writing a research paper about instructional materials becomes an exciting experience. You can consult your instructor in order to find out how to organize your work effectively. It’s also a good idea to visit your school academic writing center to get writing manuals and sample papers. However, you can simply take the following five steps to get started:

  1. Consider an interesting research topic.
  2. Instructional materials usage has many aspects that you can describe in your study. Try to come up with something that you are truly interested in. For example, you can write about how teachers choose the learning materials for students in elementary school or why some students prefer reading textbooks to studying how-to manuals.

  3. Study a chosen subject.
  4. You must ensure that there is enough information that you can use in order to answer your research question and obtain solid results. You can go to the library and ask a librarian to help you collect the materials related to your topic. Spend some time studying them and decide whether you need some additional resources.

  5. Read chosen sources and take notes.
  6. After you collected books, journals, and other resources, start to read them and take notes. Remember to write down any ideas that you come up with, so you won’t miss something important when you write a paper outline. If you feel like you need some additional materials, don’t hesitate to search on the Web and use information from educational websites and portals for teachers and tutors.

  7. Organize your thoughts.
  8. You should write a detailed outline in which you should mention all the key ideas about the instructional materials that you came up with. It makes sense to unify the information by subtopics and label the sources that you need to write each chapter. Keep in mind that you should be specific. For instance, don’t write about instructional materials in general if your paper topic is related to usage of online resources.

  9. Write your first draft quickly.
  10. Now it’s time to write your first draft. You should simply follow your outline and write everything down. Don’t try to write the text perfectly, as you’ll have some time to revise and edit your work later. If you lack something or have any doubts whether some ideas are relevant to your research, you can skip that part and come back to it later.

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