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How To Compose A Research Paper Reference Page In The MLA Format

Reference page is a significant member of the research work as it does two things. It brings readers close to genuine resources and in a way, pays tribute to the people you have taken assistance from. Secondly, it helps prove that your work is not plagiarized and whatever imitation you have done, you have acknowledged.

Harmonizing text and reference

MLA format style has a streamlined way of reference in a research page. Here, both the in-text index and the reference page at the back should synchronize. Here is how you compose an MLA format research paper –

Writer’s reference in the text

The in-text reference in case of a writer’s work should be made after the completion of a sentence in parentheses (last name followed by page number). In case, the line itself mentions the writer, just place the page number in brackets. In case there are multiple authors, you should place their last names punctuated by commas followed by the page number.

Referring to online research site

In case the reference has been taken from an online site, you should mention merely the author’s name amid the text. The whole details (author’s name, article name and website) will be duly placed in the reference page at the back.

Need to be meticulous

Now, to the reference page – here you will obviously have to be more meticulous. After placing the running head and centering the page heading, you should begin your reference in serial number (the first in-text reference has to be corresponded first). In case, there are two or more different references to the same number, you should mention them all in different lines leaving successive .5 inch indent.

Styling of names

The last name of the author is followed by his first name and the middle initial. For instance, John F. Kennedy would be Kennedy, John F. These names should be double spaced. In case, the writer has been involved in more than one book of which you have taken assistance from, mention the author’s sole book first followed by the multi-author book; these would be (single-spaced).

Anonymous grading

In case the author is anonymous, you have to place the book or article name in italics followed by the page number in parentheses. Then double-space and continue with other references in the order.

Format styles are different

Remember that there are signature tunes of different format styles which differentiate them all. Therefore, do not take the unwise step of say, doing the entire research paper in APA format and referencing it in MLA format. Moreover, always remember to follow the instructor while completing your research paper.

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