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10 Great Ideas For Your College Philosophy Term Paper

Like every academic field, philosophy requires well-researched term papers. Instead of handing out a final exam, many professors will ask students to write about a specific subject. For the student to get a good grade in the class, they need to have an interesting, well-researched essay. Some of the following topic ideas can be used for philosophy term papers.

Morals and Ethics

Are there moral facts? Is there a way for human beings to actually prove ethics?

Female Circumcision

In some parts of the world, a practice known as female circumcision is used on teenage girls. Although it is decried in the west, this practice is an example of a local culture and belief system. In western civilization, male circumcision is a common, accepted practice. What makes female circumcision different? What are the ethics surrounding this topic?


What are the foundations of subjectivism and objectivism in ethics? How do these two philosophies differ from each other?


Describe the problem of evil. What have different philosophers written about this subject? Is there a consensus?


Over the years, the topic of god has played a key role in many philosophical arguments. Students can write a paper that argues for or against the existence of god. They may want to use the design or cosmological argument.


Will faith and reason always be at odds? Students can use a historical perspective on this topic or compare the opinions of key philosophers.

Paternalism and Dwarfs

Societies often adopt a paternalistic attitude toward certain groups. In the past, colonial powers believed that native people could not govern or think for themselves. They moved native people onto reservations and taught them how to live “correctly”. In modern times, this paternalistic attitude has been adopted by several states against little people. Previously, some bars and pubs offered an attraction known as “dwarf tossing”. This practice involved patrons tossing a little person onto a mattress in the bar. The practice has since been outlawed in several states. Other than a question of taste, should it actually be outlawed? As adults, the little people involved can think and choose for themselves. Why should society determine what they are allowed to do?


Is homosexuality against human nature? What morality concerns surround this issue?


Write a paper that is for or against the topic of ethical egoism. Students could also write a term paper that evaluates psychological egoism.

World Hunger

Are individuals morally obligated to contribute to famine relief?

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