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A List of History Research Paper Topic Ideas to Help You Make a Good Start

You may have confidence in your writing ability and might even regularly prove it in class by earning good grades on your written assignments. But until you come up with a really good research paper idea, you might feel the pressure that comes from staring at a blank computer screen, the words seemingly impossible to find. Here is a list of some really good history research paper topics to help inspire and get you started on the right track:

The Great Black Plague: Resulting in an estimated 200 million Europeans in the 14th century, it’s one of the largest and most devastating pandemics in history. Consider how whole populations were reshaped because of it.

Piracy in the 20th Century: In the later-half of the 20th century piracy at sea has been on the rise, with the main areas of reported acts occurring along the coasts of Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and West Africa. What do these acts say about safe passage in today’s day and age?

Occupied France In WWI and WWII: France was occupied for several years in both world wars. Consider how its citizens remained resilient and formed rebel groups into an effective resistance that fought from within and helped the Allied effort.

Exploitation of Women Across the Ages: The exploitation of women is a long and sad history and has taken on many forms through the years. Choose an era and explain how a particular kind of exploitation affected society.

The Bronze Age: The second period immediately following the Neolithic age, the Bronze Age is rich in history with the development of written languages and use of bronze in weaponry, tools and ornaments. What cultural similarities exist between different areas of the world that experienced this age in or around the same time?

Medieval Canon Law: This refers to the sometimes odd and strict marriage laws that existed in the middle-ages. What can those laws tell us about how modern societies formed?

Middle Age Weapons: The middle-ages weren’t nearly as dark as many consider them to be, especially when one considers the enormous leaps in technology made in weaponry. What middle age technologies helped spawn modern warfare?

The Aztec Rise and Fall: The Aztec Empire is believed to have existed from the beginning of the 13th century to its demise 300 years later. No nation had ever risen so high and fallen so low in such a short period. What do we know about their fall (disease, rivals, city-state battles)?

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