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A List Of Good Research Paper Topic Ideas For College Seniors

Picking up a good research paper topic sometimes becomes a herculean task for college students.

Following is the list of research paper topics for college seniors

  1. Future consequences of three party political structures in America. Mention views of all the individual parties and the reasons of their conflicts.
  2. The penalty incurred by teenagers and their families due to drinking. Discuss how the teenager and his family suffer physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Cite examples and the prevailing atmosphere. You can also discuss its after effect on his career and the impact on social development.
  3. Ways farms can be safeguarded in America: First of all discuss the necessity of saving the farmlands. Thereby you should state all the measures that can be taken on individual’s level and on behalf of the government.
  4. Is discrimination against smokers is justifiable? Everybody knows smoking leads to diseases and finally death. But, is this justifiable if we overlook these people to bring them on track. Can we opt for other better measures? Do they need emotional support OR ignorance is the right approach?
  5. Is Allopathy always the right approach for treatment? Illustrate both the good and bad effects of Allopathy. Compare this stream of science with Ayurveda and Homeopathy forms of treatment. Discuss the consequences of Allopath in long term and its speedy effects in treating any serious ailment. Take examples and place your opinion and the opinions of the doctors.
  6. Political corruption and its impact on society: State why most of the people nowadays wants to join politics. Also discuss how crimes are carried on in organized forms. How politics has become a big business of making money etc.
  7. American policymakers paying focus on improved living conditions for criminals: Cite your opinion if it is right? Do criminals deserve it? Are they penalized to enjoy their life or if considering them as human is right.
  8. Which career is best for upcoming generation? Mention as many careers as you can and discuss their benefits in terms of society and in terms of growth of the individual. Do music, dance and sports possess bright future for all? Should parents encourage their kids to opt for them? How government should facilitate these areas?
  9. Should pornography websites be strictly banned legally? Why? What is its effect on individuals? How they are behind major reason of increasing crimes against women?
  10. How sex education should be carried out? What age group should it cater? Is it right to discuss the topic publically?

These are widespread topics that attract common man’s attention and are quite popular as a research paper topic.

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