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A List Of Exciting Media Research Paper Topics For College

Picking an area of the media to write about

There are various aspects of the media which you can concentrate on in your research paper. For example, you may wish to look at films, television or newspapers. Supposing you decided you wanted to look at the topic of films, you can then pick a subcategory of this area of the media, such as production, music, dialogue, or many other areas in the field of movie-making.

Choosing a genre that most appeals to you

Another thing that you may wish to consider is picking a genre that appeals to you the most. For example, if you were to pick films, you may wish to look at horrors, thrillers, dramas, comedies or any of the other genres. Alternatively, if you look at music then you may wish to talk about hip-hop, dance, country and western, classical or anything you most enjoy listening to.

Using previously written media research papers to help you to think of your own topic

If you’re still unsure of what area of the media you wish to write about, or you are having trouble narrowing down a genre that appeals to you the most, then you may wish to look at prewritten papers for help thinking of good topic and title ideas. There are many prewritten papers available online, either from free essay websites, or papers which you have to pay for that are offered by professional writing agencies. In fact, as well as prewritten samples, many writing agencies will offer to create bespoke papers as well. Furthermore, you can often use the same agencies to proofread and edit your work once it has been written.

Developing a theme based on the following topics and titles

To help with the creativity process you can use the following topics and titles in order to hopefully inspire some exciting ideas of your own.

  • A look at the role music plays in films
  • A comparison of two different film genres
  • How the transition to “talkies” changed cinema
  • The way in which computer generated images have changed modern movies
  • Do films have a responsibility or duty of care towards their audience?
  • Are there any themes that should be off-limits in films?
  • A comparison of two notable film makers
  • Compare and contrast the way in which men and women are cast in different films
  • How accurately are historical events portrayed in films
  • An examination of accurate predictions about the future from classic sci-fi films

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