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Academic Writing Solutions: Fresh English Term Paper Ideas

Writing term papers for your English class can be quite simple once you know the right topic to start with. A good topic may require easily acquired research from sources that are already on hand or it may necessitate several months of concentration and resource acquisition. The type of topic that suits you best depends on your own ability level as well as the time you have to complete the assignment. If you would like a listing of some of the types of term paper topics that you can safely use in English, see the list below:

  1. Has the hero archetype been over utilized in recent times by the entertainment industry?
  2. Should child geniuses be encouraged to emancipate themselves from parents with dubious morals?
  3. What methods could be used by world leaders to curb or reverse global warming?
  4. Greening the conscience: how environmental consciousness became a meaningless fad
  5. Militant atheism: How a godless movement adopted all the worst aspects of religious fanaticism
  6. Romeo and Juliet: Shakespeare’s foray into adolescent stupidity and its harrowing consequences
  7. The feeling of love at first sight to one who knows it will be forever unrequited
  8. Compare the state of wellbeing experienced by college students on the first day of the semester and the day before their first exams
  9. Can millennials hope to achieve upward social mobility?
  10. Have we become less intellectually capable as a species due to the introduction of smart technology?
  11. Should Atticus Finch have arranged for Tom Robinson to be broken out of jail rather than attempting to defend him within the bounds of the law?
  12. Can a significant distinction be made between a religion and a cult?
  13. How did the coming of age story capture by “The Catcher in the Rye” impact the literary landscape and all similar stories that it preceded?
  14. To what extent did Edgar Allen Poe’s dark poetry reflect his own personal emotional crises?
  15. Whitewashing science fiction: In what ways have people of color been relegated to the sidelines in fictional portrayals of the future?
  16. How are dreams different from reality?

These topics can be used to display knowledge of both English language and English literature depending on the one chosen. By using different ones, even in the preparation of short essays rather than full-fledged term papers, you can evolve as a writer and gain new, useful skills.

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