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A List Of Good Transition Words To Use In A Research Paper

The best writing has a sense of flow to it. It speeds up when necessary and slows down, too. This is usually accomplished by varying sentence structure and by adding transition words. Whether you are writing an essay or a research paper, there are specific transition words that can help you create a successful flow. The more writing you do, the better you will become at using transitions appropriate in research papers. Here are some helpful choices:

  1. Additive transitions. These words will show addition, introduce an idea, provide a reference, show similarity, provide clarification, and help with identification. Either, neither, further, also, as a matter of fact, and, furthermore, or, in fact, too, nor, alternatively, such as, as, including, for example, to illustrate, especially, the fact that, as for (this), considering (this), on the subject of (this), similarly, likewise, in a like manner, equally, in other words.

  2. Adversative transitions. Use these in a research paper to show a conflict in ideas, provide emphasis, or to concede, dismiss, or replace. But, while, however, whereas, in contrast, when in fact, above all, indeed, more importantly, nevertheless, on the other hand, despite (this), (and) still, be that as it may, either way, in either event, at any rate, all the same, (or) rather, instead.

  3. Causal transitions. This type of transition will show relationships like cause and effect, consequences, and effects and results. They include words like being that, for, as, seeing that, forasmuch as, due to (the fact that), because (of the fact), granted (that), if, in case, in the event that, unless, given that, even if, only if, as/so long as, hence, thus, so that, so, therefore, as a consequence, in consequence, for this reason, in the hope that, for fear that, in order to, with this in mind, so as to, then, if so, otherwise, and in that case.

  4. Sequential transitions. These are used to signal a shift in number or sequence. They are often used in the conclusion or at paragraphs changes. They include first of all, in the (first,second, etc.) place, at first, secondly, subsequently, eventually, next, then, before, afterwards, after, to conclude (with), at last, in the end, finally, lastly, incidentally, by the way, to resume, anyhow, anyway, at any rate, consequently, all in all, to sum up, briefly, to summarize, given these points, on the whole, in conclusion, and in short.

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