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Whether you are a student needing to come up with a topic for your paper or an instructor looking to develop unique and interesting research paper topics for his class, the following list of the best collection of research paper topics is designed to inspire. Feel free to modify these topics anyway to make them your own.

  1. Freedom of the press and censorship.
  2. Freedom of the press has long been protected but some things are still censored in order to protect the public. What effects does this have on society?

  3. Environmental protection and policy.
  4. Environmental protection and federal policy are greatly debated topics in all levels of government. Do people have a moral obligation to protect the environment at the risk of stunting economic growth?

  5. NAFTA and the consequences it’s had to the North American economy.
  6. The North American Free Trade Agreement was said to stimulate the economies of Canada, the US, and Mexico but opponents suggest the only true winner has been the US. What can we learn about the current state of each country’s economies about the treaty’s effects?

  7. Domestic violence and differences between men and women.
  8. Not every case of domestic violence demonstrates abuse by men on women; some are vice versa. Does the legal system treat the two cases and hand out justice differently?

  9. Homeless populations and housing solutions.
  10. The increasing rate of the homeless points to a failed attempt from various social programs. Is a revised housing program or policy a solution we should continue to develop?

  11. Neo-Nazism and modern day white supremacy movements.
  12. The Neo-Nazi movement is now prevalent in several Western countries and despite its somewhat controversial proclamations continues to grow. What can be said about global white supremacy movements?

  13. Nuclear energy and alternative clean sources of power.
  14. Nuclear energy can power larger populations than traditional electric plants, but the threat of radiation, plant accident or failure attracts a lot of skepticism and fear. Are there clean and non-threatening forms of power generation that could be explored further?

  15. Medical malpractice and the process of assigning blame.
  16. Insurance companies attempt to place the blame on a party when an injury or illness occurs as a result of medical malpractice. But is the system entirely fair for each of the parties involved?

  17. Pesticides, insecticides and food safety.
  18. What are the negative long term effects on the economy and food production if people in agriculture were to explore cleaner and safer alternatives to growing food?

  19. Police brutality and misconduct and their effect on the public.
  20. How are societies responding to ongoing instances of police brutality and misconduct? What effects will this have on public perception moving in the future?

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