Everything You Need For Writing Strong Research Papers

Advice from professional writers : how to start a research paper

You want to write a perfect research paper without spending the whole weekend staring at a blank piece of paper? The next easy rules will help you to be a research paper expert in a very short time without sacrificing quality.

Developing your writing and researching skills will help you with your further academic career. In the first place, you should know what a research paper exactly is. A research paper is a long paper, the main goal of which is to support the thesis statement that employs published research.

Now, analyze the assignment given by your professor. If you don’t understand something, ask the tutor immediately to avoid misunderstandings.

Secondly, choose a topic. Do a little research among the themes you are interested the most, and check whether there are enough resources to search for background data.

Make sure that you will have enough time for researching. You will need at least a week to write the paper, and a whole month for the researching to achieve good results. Although, the research paper mostly consists of more than 10-20 pages, it still means that you should narrow down your topic. It will be better to focus on smaller, narrowed topic, rather than writing volumes about something very vague. If you need to find materials from a library exchange, do it as soon as possible.

After the long researching process and using your notemaking skills, it is time for writing. It is better to start with formulating potential thesis statements. You are free to change the subject if you thesis seems too difficult to prove or simply incorrect.

Now write down the thesis statement as though you are writing it in the introductory paragraph of your work. Gather all your notes, including publication and edition information, all the data about the author, to be able to make up a references list at the end of your job.

Make also a list of quotes which you will be using during the writing process. You can use more information that you need, to have the opportunity to choose.

Write an outline – a document which contains the plan of the whole research paper, and what information will be included in each section.

The next step is to write your first draft, and answer the questions that have been raised in your notes.

Before writing the final version check your spelling, grammar and content even twice. Then leave your work for a day or two to refresh your thoughts and edit it again.

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