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Looking For A Research Paper Discussion Section Example

The average research paper is made up of many different sections. Some will be more familiar to you as a beginner than others. Here are a few tips to helps you find a sample discussion section to get you started.

  • Check your previously submitted work
  • There have been times when students searched far and wide for a particular academic resource because they had forgotten that they already possessed one. If you are in academia for long enough you will undoubtedly amass things that you no longer remember. Before you look anywhere else, check the work you have submitted in the past.

  • Ask friends to see their previously submitted works
  • Just as you may have a discussion section laying around somewhere, so too might one of you friends. Ask around. You can even trade you work so that everyone gets to see something new.

  • Do a general search on the web
  • Any search engine that you can think of will suffice in this case. Simple type in the words ‘research paper discussion’ and see what results come up. There will undoubtedly by thousands or hundreds of thousands of unrelated results but just enough will be useful to you that you can consider the exercise worthwhile.

  • Look through the samples from a writing service
  • You may come across a few of these during your general search. These online academic content providers tend to have huge sections of writing samples that can be accessed for free. They serve as advertising and help drive traffic towards the sites.

  • Hire someone to create one for you
  • Just as you can access free content from writing services, you can also make a request for a custom written paper. You will have to pay for it but this sample will be made to your exact specifications and as a result will contain everything you need to learn to make better papers yourself.

  • Ask your professor if he or she has one to spare
  • This is a tricky one. Obviously your professor has good papers somewhere that you would be able to learn from. The question is, does he or she really think you deserve to see them? If not you will get nothing and will need to try other avenues. In the other scenario, you will end up in possession of a paper that is hand picked for excellence by whoever will be grading you.

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