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15 Potential Research Paper Topics In American History

Have you been assigned a project on American history that you have to complete? But you are feeling lost and afraid that you will fail, don’t worry there are things you can do to ensure that you will not fail but in fact you will ace your project. The key to a good grade on your paper is selecting the right topic. Feel free to read this article and learn how to select the right topic and a list of topics will be provided below.

Selecting a topic:

  • Choose one that is interesting – American history is so rich and full of interesting periods and events that you are sure to find a topic for your homework that is interesting but at the same time not over used by others students. Pick one that you and other people might find fascinating and your work will go much faster.
  • Information is the key – one of the most difficult things in doing your assignment is finding good information sources. So when you choose your topic make sure to select one that has a lot of valid information about it.
  • Recent events – don’t feel afraid to write about something that is fairly recent. Something like the last election of president. Recent past is also part of history and people wants to hear how it happened or how it affected America.

If you are still stuck on selecting a topic on American history, then here are some topics that will get you started right away:

  1. Founding of America and how it affected the world?
  2. Describe political impact of 2012 presidential campaign.
  3. Creation of American Constitution.
  4. American independence war.
  5. How American civil war did effect southern states?
  6. The outcome of Boston tea party?
  7. The first president of the America.
  8. Was Columbus the first to discover America?
  9. World War I and American part in it.
  10. How Cold War changed American society?
  11. Describe American effort in World War II.
  12. Describe native American society after the discovery of America.
  13. Who was the most important president in American history?
  14. Describe American industry and how it changed in the last 100 years.
  15. Obama care and its effects on middle class Americans.

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