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10 Ways To Come Up With An Intriguing Term Paper Topic

While you may not have a particular problem with writing your actual term paper, coming up with the topic might be a completely different story. A lot of people seem to spend so much time procrastinating about the topic, or indeed the title that they then find themselves precariously short of time and in a bind when it comes to writing the actual term paper itself. Sound familiar? Here are 10 ways to come up with an intriguing term paper topic:

Write about what you know

Okay, so depending upon the course that you are taking this is not always going to be possible. However, even being able to inject a little of what is familiar into your paper can make all of the difference when it comes to lifting it from bland and normal to intriguing and exciting.

Read other work

This might seem a bit of a no brainer, however reading other stuff is a great way of coming up with ideas. Once you have the bones of an idea you can then spin it and change it to make it intriguing, and original. You will also have the confidence of knowing that you are at least on the right track and that you haven’t strayed too far from what is deemed to be acceptable.


I love a good old brainstorming session. Take yourself off somewhere quiet with a pen and paper and just blast out the first things that come into your head. You can always expand upon them at a later date.

Get together with friends

Running through potential topic ideas with friends is not only a great way to come up with your topic, but it also gives you an opportunity to let off some steam and catch up with those that mean the world to you.

Search the internet

A simple google search will throw up a plethora of suitable topics for you to pick on. As I have already alluded to you can then spin the topic to make it more intriguing.

Look to your surroundings for inspiration

This is not as kookie as it sounds, sometimes simply grounding ourselves and homing in on what we have around us is enough to give us the inspiration that we need.

Visit the library

The library is a brilliant place to find topics for any paper. What’s more you can easily lose yourself in there.

Turn to text books

Text books are not just there to clutter up your bookshelf. They are there to help and assist you with precisely this. Use them!

Run it past your family

Your family know you inside out. They know your strengths and weaknesses and what you like and don’t like. They should also be able to bring fresh perspective to this for you.

Speak to your lecturer

Talk to your lecturer about the general direction in which you are headed and I am sure that they will help you come up with some intriguing topics.

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